Privacy and Security

This is a statement of how what personal information we are collecting, how we are collecting it, and what we are collecting it for. We're consumers ourselves, and we have the same concerns any other online-shopper would (and should) have about the security of their personal information. If you are uncomfortable on our site with the measures we take, please feel free to discuss these issues with us, we're open to any suggestions you may have, and would be willing to make extra provisions for you as needed.

We're collecting data on you through cookies (not the delicious kind), and information you volunteer. You can browse our site anonymously, you just can't order stuff that way, for obvious reasons. We use the information tidbits we get from you to make decisions on which products to carry, what marketing strategies we should read up on, and where we should be advertising (don't worry, we'll try to stay out of your inbox as much as possible).

We wouldn't dream of soliciting your personal information to third parties, though we may share anonymous information with our suppliers (what items were clicked on, whether or not those clicks turned into sales, that sort of thing).

We won't give your information to any government office or official unless legally compelled to, and unless we are specifically told not to, we will notify you when that kind of situation occurs.

Everyone employed here is obligated (both by terms of employment and moral conviction) to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

We have links to other sites here and there, some of which do not belong to us, and may not follow the same privacy guidelines we do. If they turn out to be malicious in any way, we cannot be held liable. If you are taken to a malicious site, or worse, some link on our website gives you an error instead of a nice site of Internet goodness, let us know, and we'll do our best to fix it.

We allow visitors to make comments on our site, comments that are not necessarily indicative of our feelings, beliefs, opinions, official standing, musings, policies, or behavior, and we cannot be held liable for them. We do, however, reserve the right to remove any such comments that could be considered offensive to someone else, anyone else, even someone imaginary, at our sole discretion, no matter how discreet it may or may not be.

We pay Stripe to keep your credit card info VERY secure, transmitting it to them with an SSL protocol, where they store it on encrypted servers in locked rooms administered and maintained by professionals who specialize in security.

If you're curious about what dirty little secrets we keep about you, or if you need to correct, modify or remove information we have about you, or if you're just feeling a little lonely and need someone to talk to, shoot an email to [email protected]